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Caribbean Protected Areas Gateway

Linking Data to Better Decisions

  • Data-Driven
    Data-driven and evidence-based decisions
    require accurate, up-to-date, pertinent data
    which is scaled to the context of Caribbean islands.
    CPAG seeks to make said data available, by working
    closely with international, regional and national
  • Focus Areas
    • Biodiversity
    • Marine & Terrestrial Protected &
      Conserved Areas
    • Socioeconomic
    • Threats & Pressures
    • Solutions & Best Practices
    • Governance & Maintenance
  • Capacity Enhancement
    Halting the loss of Caribbean's biodiversity and natural resources requires
    better governance and management. CPAG contributes to this
    by enhancing needed capacities throughout the region through trainings,
    workshops, webinars, presentations, courses and research projects inter alia.
  • Collaborations &
    Power of Collaboration: Uniting Forces to protect and
    conserve biodiversity in the Caribbean. By partnering
    with CPAG, you'll gain access to a network of data
    sources, data analysis along with visualisations and
    connect you with experts in the region. This will allow
    you to collect, analyze, and derive meaningful
    insights from environmental data, empowering you to
    make informed decisions and drive impactful
    conservation efforts in the Caribbean.
  • There is a crucial need for data, trends & updates, issues & problems and lessons
    learned & best practices to be communicated to respective stakeholders in
    formats meaningful to them. CPAG is working to improve the dissemination
    of critical information to all audiences, packaged in ways meaningful to them.
  • Conservation
    The Conservation Dashboard is a platform
    providing real-time insights into Caribbean
    biodiversity conservation. It consolidates data
    from global, regional, and national sources,
    offering visualizations of progress towards
    conservation targets.

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This is why we serve

What are Protected Areas?

Protected areas or conservation areas are locations which receive protection because of their recognized natural, ecological or cultural values.

Get to know us

What is the CPAG?

The Caribbean Protected Areas Gateway (CPAG) is a resource hub for facilitating and promoting viable decisions and policies by decision-makers and resource managers for effective and sustainable management of protected areas and biodiversity.

We are:

  • Collaborative
  • Open and friendly
  • Distinctively Caribbean
  • World class
  • Experts
What we’re offering

Tools at your disposal

We provide data and tools on: marine and terrestrial ecosystems, species and habitats, pressures and threats, map creation, management and governance, geospatial data and much more.

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Implementing Partners
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Caribbean Protected Areas Gateway

  • CERMES, University of the West Indies (Cavehill), St. Michael
  • (246) 417-4316

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